Pipi of Zanzibar (Pipi in Swahili means lolly)

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During a low tide and nice weather in Paje, you can be sure to meet some kids on the beach. Either playing in the water or just collecting fish for their mum to cook later. They all want to be just like their parents, fishermen and sea farmers.
These two girls in the picture above are using their fabric to collect small fish. They would then sit around in a circle with the sheet in their lap, slowly transferring fish into a bottle one by one with some sea water, to bring them home fresh.
"When I grow up, I will be a fisherman, just like my dad."
“Jambo, Jambo!” (pronounced yambo) little kids shouting from the side of the road while we are walking thorough their village. Smiley faces, waving hands and beautiful big eyes. They see strangers but more than scared, they are curious.. We brought lollies and this news has spread through the village so fast that within a minute we had kids running towards us from all sides with their hand out, hoping to get one. Some of them cheeky, some of them shy...
They are asking for a picture. My camera has a touch screen and, more interesting than lollies at the time, was to touch the screen and flick thorough the images.
First, he was really shy but then I showed him his photo on back of my camera and he got so excited and kept asking for more
All the young kids were following us through the village. At the end there was a big group of young girls covered in orange colours, they have just finished their Koran practice. Coming up to us asking for lollies... Asking questions where I am from, whats my name and how old I am, I have earned a nick name 'big mama’

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