Home is Where Your Heart Lies

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I thought, you must go on adventure to find out where you belong.
Only now, I found out that home is wherever your heart lies, and sometimes ​that is in more place than one.

Can you travel forever? Can you live without a port for the rest of your life? How do I do it? I keep getting emails and messages from people around the world asking me all these questions but there is not one day in my life where I haven’t asked that myself. I am a 31 year old photographer originally from Slovakia and for the past 12 years I have been travelling and moving around the world.
Here is my personal story of my travels, dreams and making things happen.
I consider myself a very lucky girl as I am writing this post while sailing around the islands of North Madagascar on a boat that looks like a pirate ship with a cat called ‘Whitey’ ​​
Captain Whitey
It all started back when I was a child. Growing up as a rhythmic gymnast, I got to travel Slovakia and Europe for competitions from the age of four.
Born and raised in Slovakia which is considered as Eastern Europe but sits in the middle of all the other countries, it wasn’t far to anywhere; an hour to Vienna or four to Prague. Visiting Croatia with a car filled up with bags till the roof and packed schnitzel sandwiches, driving for 16 hours, it was considered as a normal family holiday for us. ​

I have never been a full timer. Well, I have tried but it seems, that I can’t stay in one spot for a long time. Nine to five has never appealed to me, neither has spending four years at Uni, sitting behind the same table; and when it comes to countries? ... I feel like I was born to move around and live my little gypsy life.
'I believe I am travelling to learn from the land I visit, from the food I try for the first time but most importantly from the people I meet alongside my journey.' These were the exact words I said to the girls at Matters Speaking when they interviewed me earlier this year.
People and relationships have always played a big part in my life. Capturing moments of their every day life and their personality through their smiles and eyes.
I am and always was fascinated by people and their behaviour. I never walk on the streets just looking straight ahead or down to ground (my eyes always wonder, looking for a story). Since english is my second language, I found photography as a useful tool to express my self, to tell stories.
Primary school in South Tanzania. Boys are pledging to take better care of their hygiene. Building aids in the villages was on ur priority list until we find out, that without education, block of toilet is no help..
When I stayed in Ubud, I chose the local village outside of the busy town and it gave me an opportunity to meet the real people.
Travelling solo, with friends or on assignment? No matter how you travel, if your heart is in it fully, you can take a great photo of your friend being on a beach or a local person through their daily life. It's your journey and your story. As a photographer and artist, communicate your message your own way and the right people will always find you.

Lastly and this is the most important thing. This question raised up many times: How do I generate income to do this? Here is my answer, I don't need much, so if you are ready for the little, life and travelling will be rewarding you in other ways than just money.
Before I used to have a small jobs in between my travels and when I had enough of money, I would just buy a ticket somewhere new. These days, I get to ask to travel with my photography. It all takes time and determination, which means never giving up. Even if you feel like quitting because you only have few dollars left on your account (believe me, this happens), an opportunity might come to your way- grab it (even if it isn't the one you were looking for). Life is full of surprises and unexpected moments.
I have never been in this for any other reason than love.

Thank you for reading. Please if you have any questions, feel free to leave comment bellow. I will do my best to reply as soon as possible.

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