Fishing in Ghana

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While in Zanzibar (Tanzania), or Mombasa (Kenya) I have met with many small fisherman who fish for their family, here in Ghana, fishing is a big business.
Early morning the boats are coming back to shore, ith many men jumping in the water, pulling the boat back on to the beach. It was a long twelve-hour shift for these men, who are returning just now to sort the fish out, clean the nets and prepare for the boats for next morning.
The boats here are very unusual looking. They are made from Odum wood and it takes around three months to build such a boat with a help of four men.
Some days/ nights are good for the fishermen and they are lucky to catch some tuna, red fish or henri salmon. The women don't go fishing, rather than helping later on to clean the fish and prepare it for sale or for the snack for the hard working men.
The most popular way to eat fish here in Ghana is to either fry it or cook it in a sauce and eat it with rice or fufu ( which is a dish often made with cassava and green plantain flour)
After taking all the big fish out of the nets, these little ones got tangled in and so they are cleaned from the nets later on. Nothing goes to waste here.

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