Exploring Ubud, Bali

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Ubud, a town in Bali, is an hour and a half drive from Denpasar. The town is full of arts and crafts, rice terraces, waterfalls and yoga centres. You'll also find healthy and delicious options of both, local and western foods.

People generally visit Ubud for day trips, so the town tends to be very busy during the day, while the nights seem more relaxed and quite.

Here are a few spots I highly recommend visiting while in Ubud and it's area: ​

Tegalalang Rice Terraces

On the other side of Ubud, passing the Monkey Forest, you will find the less frequently visited parts of Ubud. Go and visit the rice fields in country side, where you won't see tourists everywhere you look.

Tampak Siring Temple
'Holy Spring Water Temple'

This is truly a one of a kind experience! If you go, make sure you go early enough as sometimes the water gets so busy that people have to queue up.

This temple was built around what is believed to be a sacred spring. Both locals and tourist come to pray here as they believe the water has magical curative properties.
Make sure you are dressed properly if you come to visit this temple. If you are deemed inappropriate don't fret, they will wrap a sarong around you for a small donation. The temple is free of entry and one of the most spectacular places I have ever seen.
The source of the spring water

Tegenungan Watterfall

These waterfalls are only a 20 minute scooter ride from Ubud. You are allowed to swim, but make sure you check the signs on arrival. Although the rainy season has finished, this year's rains were very heavy and afternoon downpours are still frequent. Unfortunately the waterfalls were deemed too dangerous for us to swim in on this day. ​

Ubud fruit and vegetable markets

Get there early, before 7.00am, and have a stroll through the markets! You'll find a wide range of seasonal fruits and vegetables produced locally. You can always try you're luck at bargaining for a better price. The markets are much more exciting and delicious than your every day supermarkets; I always preferred to get my food here.
Other than the fantastic produce, what I love about the markets is the opportunity to observe the locals. There are some amazing photo opportunities if you are patient and keep a look-out.
There are so many things to do in Ubud. It makes for a great day trip or a few days of stay as well. Staying in Michi Village, a local village on outskirts of Ubud, made my trip even more unique and beautiful.
Michi isn't for everyone, but if you are a little bit of adventurer, love art, nature, some quite time and perhaps a midnight swim under the stars, then Michi is the for you.
Beautiful Michi village hidden in paradise.

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