Canang Sari

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Hello from Bali. It's sunny, hot and full of colours.
I came to Bali to learn about the culture, traditions and to spent couple of weeks of lush, waterfalls and snorkelling.
Today, I would like to tell you about tradition of offerings or in other words 'Canang Sari'.
Canang Sari is the expression of thankfulness to the Hindu God. These colourful flower settings are placed in front of the temples or shops. The colours of flowers chosen are not random but have specific meaning and are placed in a specific order. ‚Äč
  • White flowers which point to the east are a symbolise Iswara - also known as Shiva or Mahadeva - one of the primary form of God

  • Red flowers which point to the south symbolise Brahma - the creator god with four faces, each face looking in one direction.

  • Yellow flowers which point to the west are a symbol of Mahadeva - 'Great God'
  • Blue or green flowers which point to the north are a symbol of Vishnu - known as the Preserver or the Protector
Istana Tampak Siring 'Holy Spring Water Temple'
For Balinese people Canang Sari is very meaningful and an important part of daily life. Everywhere you walk, the streets and temples are cover with them. Stepping on one can be deeply offensive to any Balinese who witnesses your mistake. So please watch your steps, especially early in the mornings when they have just been placed and the incense are still burning.

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